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Proactively investing in the emotional health and well-being of your workforce normalises the need for and use of assigned reflective spaces. We know this approach can reduce staff stress and increase staff well-being, which ultimately improves productivity and reduces the need for reactive therapeutic services at more challenging times.

Reflective supervision is the often overlooked addition to an employee wellness programme that can make all the difference. It actively promotes a culture of emotionally literate problem solving and shows appreciation to and investment in employees who take up in-house mentoring roles.

First things first

Contact us to arrange a no-obligation chat about employee well-being in your department. Let's pinpoint where you're at and what needs to happen.

We're happy to consult with you regarding your employee well-being policy (it’s important to keep that document live and evolving in your department!)

When you have a clear understanding of the employee experience you can then construct an effective way to most effectively support your workforce.

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Reflective Supervision

If you already have an organisational mentoring scheme established we can provide regular reflective supervision for your mentors. Where else do mentors go to confidentially debrief?

Alternatively, we can provide individual and/or group reflective supervision directly to your employees.

This type of supervision provides a supportive and confidential coaching space for employees to learn how to more effectively negotiate the stresses of work and life.


Most organisations are not making the most of the power of their support systems.

If you have an existing mentoring programme, how can you be sure of the consistency in approaches?

How can you better prepare staff to support the psychological shifts that life events and transitions naturally bring for their mentees?

Our bespoke training packages support the evolving dynamics of the mentoring relationship so that it works better for mentor, mentee and the organisation.

Work-related stress accounts for approximately half of all working days lost across industries in the UK (ONS, 2019).

Is your organisation doing its best to address this?

Inner Circles works alongside companies who have a genuine commitment to understanding and better supporting the emotional health and well-being of their workforce. We work through proactive, evidence-informed methods, delivered by highly skilled Chartered Psychologists.